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Printboard Industries offers lamination solutions from small projects through to large quantity orders. The quality of Printboard surface structure is specifically designed to offer premium adhesion of Digital and Screen printing ink.

Printboard utilises a twin slot head hot-melt laminating system for continuous production of foam boards. Our system is a custom-built dual sided semi-automatic continuous laminating machine taking advantage of the latest in computerised hot melt application technology. It is loaded with upper and lower double clay coated white card rolls to which pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive film is applied via two slot-heads.

The adhesive is applied at 180C and weights can be adjusted incrementally as required, even during the process. As the polystyrene is fed through a crush roller system it combines all three layers and cures immediately. Other substrates we are capable of bonding include HIPS, PP and PE films. Working at relatively high speeds from 5 metres per minute up to 10 metres per minute, the machine has the capability to produce in excess of 1000 boards per day with a precise adhesive weight application.

The sheets are knife trimmed to final size on a purpose built trimming system, boxed and despatched. Once delivered, our products are ideally suited to print directly onto or to mount pre-printed posters on.